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Fibre Laser machines are dedicated metal cutting machines which are typically used to cut mild and stainless steel, as well as other non-ferrous metals.

Fibre Lasers offer unrivalled reliability, accuracy, speed, and precision. They are powered by fibre-optic laser sources of 500W+.

CNC Fibre Laser Tube cutting machines can be configured to cut very thick metals.

The latest addition to our Range is from ACCURL.  Based on machinery design technology optimised through strict structural analysis, ACCURL has been manufacturing ultralight and high precision industrial high energy Laser Cutting machines.

The MasterLINE series of Laser Cutting machines achieve a positioning speed of up to 180m/min and acceleration of 3G. The highest quality components are used allowing for continuous operation 365 days a year.  The top performance and low operating costs make the MasterLINE series the most frequently used system for demanding mass production.

The ACCURL Laser Tube Cutting machine is designed for businesses that care about high quality profile and tube cutting.  Fully automatic loading and unloading requires less effort, resulting in maximum productivity during operation.